4 x Sally @ Van Leer Institute Jerusalem

A synoptic portrait of Sally Perel, the Hitler Youth Salomon   At what point can each of us identify with racism and murderous thoughts? Can you be a victim and an oppressor at the same time? Is it possible to get rid of the fascism that surrounds us? “Jupp became a stalwart Hitler Youth. Sally feared Jupp. He was a deadly enemy! But to survive Sally had to become his own enemy. Jupp the Nazi has never left me.” Sally… Continue reading

His Story I

„His Story“ – first steps to an examination of “the dialogue” by Shimon Lev and Friedemann Derschmidt In the videowork „His Story I“ Friedemann Derschmidt and Shimon Lev are telling the stories of their family origins. But they are not telling theyr “own stories”. In a mirror like situation they are telling the story of the other one. While Lev is introducing himself in hebrew language as a descendant of an austrian extended tribal family, who was heavily engaged in… Continue reading

Video installation: “4 x Sally – a synoptic portrait of Sally Perel, the Hitler Youth Salomon”

  The Jewish Museum Vienna is showing the video installation 4 x Sally by Friedemann Derschmidt and Shimon Lev (Two Family Archives) for one evening only. The joint project features video interviews with the 91-year-old Sally Perel. “Hitler Youth” Sally Perel Sally Perel, originally Salomon Perel, was born in Peine, Germany, in 1925 as the son of an orthodox rabbi. When the Nazis came to power, the family escaped to Poland. When the Wehrmacht invaded Poland, his parents sent him… Continue reading